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Name: Rachel

Age: 2 years old

Country: India

Need: Heart surgery to close a large hole (VSD) between the two lower chambers of her heart. 

Meet Rachel!! She is a 2-year-old little girl living in in relief camp in Ngahmun, Kangpokpi in Eastern India.  When she was born, they noticed her discolored skin and placed her in ICU for 3 days.  However, after being home for almost a week, she developed complications, started having convulsions, and was taken back to the hospital where she was for over a month.  A series of tests revealed that she has holes in her heart and she has needed to be seen monthly for checkups and daily medicine to help her survive.

However, in May of 2023 due to regional unrest, they were forced out of their home when it was tragically burnt down and moved into a relief camp.  During this time, she was unable to continue her checkups at the nearby hospital and also lost all early medical records when their home was burned down.

Her father is a carpenter but is also doing odd-end jobs daily to meet their family's most basic needs.  Rachel's mom is currently at home helping take care of Rachel and her 3-month-old sibling.

We would love to offer Rachel and her family the gift of life through this much-needed heart surgery.  We have been in contact with our hospital partner in India, and have had new medical tests run to give the most updated information.  We would love to have you partner with Rachel and her family!

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