What is Morning Star Foundation?

Morning Star Foundation exists to bring hope and healing to orphans and children with complex heart defects, in need of cardiac intervention. We are located in Beijing, China, and Kampala, Uganda.  The Morning Star Family Home was started in 2008 and the Love Project was launched in China in April 2013. 

How many babies are in your foster home in China?

Our healing home houses 12 babies at any given time. These children are sent to us from government orphanages all around China. We take them in, provide the heart surgeries and medical care they desperately need, and love them in our home until they are adopted by a forever family of their own.  

Do you have a foster home in Uganda as well?

At this time, our program in Uganda is solely orphan prevention and family preservation, our Love Project.   

Do you only take children with heart defects?

Yes, at this time Morning Star works specifically with children and families affected by congenital heart defects! Sometimes our children come to us with medical issues that accompany their cardiac needs, and we are committed to provide them with the care they need, no matter what!  

Where do your children go for heart surgery?

Our China Love Project and Morning Star Family Home babies all have heart surgery in Beijing. We are very thankful for the committed team of surgeons who love our children and provide such excellent care! Our children in our Uganda Love Project most often travel to Bangalore, India, for heart surgery. Children with more minor conditions have recently been able to receive treatment right here in Kampala, and we are hopeful to continue a partnership that will help to equip and grow the cardiac services available in Uganda.  

How much does a heart surgery typically cost?

On average, a typical heart surgery for either China or Uganda runs about $10,000 USD. 100% of this cost is covered by Morning Star Foundation, through private donations. There are many factors that can cause this number to fluctuate, but on average, $10,000 USD has proven to be our standard baseline.  

I’m a nurse – can I come help train doctors/work with children/do medical missions?

At this time, we are not coordinating any sort of medical missions, and in-country hospital staff is responsible for the full medical care for our children.

Love Project

What is the Love Project?

The Love Project was launched in April 2013 and was born from a desire to attack the global orphan crisis at the root – to prevent orphans from BECOMING orphans in the first place. In countries like China and Uganda, where access to medical care and resources to provide it are not a given, many families are forced to make the heartbreaking decision to abandon their child, in the hopes that someone else can afford the care that they could not. This is a choice that NO family should ever be forced to make, and Morning Star Foundation is committed to standing in the gap for these families – making it possible for children to receive the heart surgeries they desperately need to survive…and remain with their birth families who desperately love them.

Is this a big need? Are there really families who are abandoning their children simply because they cannot afford medical care?

This is HUGE NEED – and is the heartbeat of Morning Star Foundation. We have met family after family, and each one looks us in the eye and says “Before we heard of this…before we heard of you? We had lost all hope. But now? We are filled with hope.” THIS is the future of orphan care – we must stand for the orphan by standing also for the family. Please join us here: www.morningstar.foundation/donate  

How do you find the Love Project families? Where do they come from?

Our families come from all over both China and Uganda. Many families are referred to us through the hospitals, or they sometimes hear of us through word of mouth. Regardless of how they come, we seek to provide hope and healing for every family and child that comes across our path.


 Can I adopt one of the children I see on Morning Star’s website?

Unfortunately, no. Morning Star Foundation is not an adoption agency, and we therefore have nothing to do with the placement of our children for adoption. Due to government regulations, we are not able to match our children with prospective families. There are many children waiting for families all around China, so we would love to direct you towards an adoption agency that can help answer your questions and begin the adoption process for a child from China. 

 How can I give to Morning Star Foundation?  

There are a number of ways to support the work we do. You can make a one-time donation, setup automatic monthly payments, mail a check, or make a deposit at any Chase Bank. You can find what works best for you at https://morningstar.foundation/donate/  

How do I cancel or adjust my automatic monthly donations/sponsorships?

You can cancel/adjust your automatic payments by emailing bill@morningstar.foundation.   Are my donations tax deductible? Morning Star Foundation is registered as a 501c3 non-profit.  If you are filing taxes in the US, your donations are tax deductible.  All tax receipts are mailed by the end of January of each year.


 Can I come to Morning Star and volunteer for a week? Can my church do a missions trip?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate short term individuals or teams at this time. From an attachment perspective, we feel strongly about protecting the bonds our children form with their primary caregivers (their specific ayi) and work to recreate the family setting as much as possible. This is best achieved by employing a high ayi to child ratio, and maintaining stable relationships with individuals the children interact with on a very consistent basis.

Can I come visit Morning Star Family Home during my trip to China?

We are very careful to protect the attachment process of the children in our family home, to better prepare them to meet their adoptive families someday. Because of this, we limit visitors and the kind of interaction they have with the children in our home. 

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