Morning Star Foundation FAQS


What is Morning Star Foundation?

Morning Star Foundation is a global nonprofit organization that helps families get lifesaving medical treatments for their children who have severe heart disease. We provide funds, support, encouragement, and guidance as families navigate the difficult journey of getting treatment for their child. 

We work in China, Uganda, and Jordan, helping families who have no way to pay for their child’s medical bills or travel expenses. We work to ensure that no family has to give up on their child simply due to a lack of resources.


Do you only take children with heart defects?

Yes, at this time Morning Star Foundation works specifically with children and families affected by congenital heart defects. Sometimes our children come to us with additional medical issues, and we are committed to provide them with the care they need, no matter what!

Where do your children go for heart surgery?

Children from China have heart surgery in Beijing. Children from Uganda most often travel to Bangalore, India. Children with more minor conditions have recently been able to receive treatment in Kampala, Uganda. We are hopeful to continue a partnership that will help to equip and grow the cardiac services available in Uganda. Children from Jordan receive care at a local hospital in Jordan.

How much does a heart surgery typically cost?

Although every case is different, a typical heart surgery costs about $10,000. Morning Star Foundation covers 100% of this cost through private donations.


How can I give to Morning Star Foundation?

There are a number of ways to support the work we do. You can make a one-time donation, set up automatic monthly payments, mail a check, or make a deposit at any Chase Bank.

Ways to Give

How do I cancel or adjust my automatic monthly donations/sponsorships?

You can adjust or cancel your automatic payments by emailing [email protected].

Are my donations tax deductible?

Morning Star Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. If you are filing taxes in the US, your donations are tax deductible. All tax receipts are mailed by the end of January of each year.


Can I volunteer with Morning Star Foundation?

Not right now. We are focused on empowering and employing local individuals to do the work we need. Volunteer opportunities are also limited because of the medical work that we do. We are exploring ways to incorporate volunteers into our operation more in the future. If short term opportunities become available, we will alert our donors and followers of that change.

I’m a nurse or doctor – can I volunteer?

At this time, we are not coordinating any sort of medical mission trips, and in-country hospital staff is responsible for the full medical care for our children.

Can I come visit Morning Star Family Home during my trip to China?

While the foster home in China was the focus of Morning Star Foundation in its early years, government regulations have changed, requiring our foster home to close. All of the children formerly in our home have been either adopted or given alternative placements. Our focus in China has shifted to working directly with families to provide lifesaving heart surgery for their children if they have no way to pay for their care. This desperate situation can be a catalyst for children to be placed in a foster home in the hopes that another would have the funding to provide for them. We provide the medical care these children need so that they can stay with their biological family for a lifetime.