Does your employer offer gift matching?  Do you have non-cash items you would like to donate?  Or, have you thought about how to leave a legacy through estate and asset giving?  Explore the many ways to give lifesaving open-heart surgery to children born in poverty and with severe heart disease.

Memorial Gifts

Honor the memory of a loved one in a very special way by giving hope to children with severe heart disease.

Giving through Trusts and
Non-Cash Assets

Set up a trust, provide an income for yourself (while enjoying tax deductions), and support lifesaving open-heart surgeries for children in poverty.  We also accept Non-Cash Assets.

Beneficiary Designation

Whether through a life insurance policy or an IRA/Retirement Plan, you can leave a legacy by helping children receive life-saving heart surgery.

Donate Cryptocurrency

Make an impact by donating Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more towards a child's heart surgery.