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Meet Joshua

Joshua’s mother Kelly was just 19 when she went to the hospital and gave birth to him. She didn’t even know she was pregnant, and she remembers his birth as the sweetest surprise.  Kelly and her husband are camel farmers up north, and it was clear there was no way for them to meet the medical needs of their sweet new baby boy.

Joshua had a hole in his heart and he needed open heart surgery urgently. Miraculously, the friends and family of Joshua’s parents came together to fund his first operation. But when it came time for his second life saving-surgery, they had nothing left to give. Joshua’s parents chose hope for their little boy anyway, and moved forward with his operation in Beijing. They didn’t know how in the world they would pay for it, but they knew Joshua was worth choosing hope for, no matter the cost. 

That hospital in Beijing happened to be the same one where a baby from the Morning Star Family Home had her surgery, and the two of them recovered from their operations right next to each other. When Joshua’s mother shared her story with our staff, the answer was yes. Yes of course we can help cover the costs of your sweet son’s surgery and support your family. Joshua has now recovered from his surgery and returned home with his family to their camel farm up north, where they get to live their lives with a new hope for their son’s future.