Uganda Community Outreach - Update

We want to thank those who gave to the Community Outreach Fund.  We reached our $3,000 goal very quickly, and thank you for your generosity!  We were able to purchase the 500 mosquito nets, malaria test/treatment kits, and other medicines for the outreach!


Last Thursday evening, the US government announced there will be travel restrictions for anyone traveling back to the US from Uganda due to an Ebola outbreak in western Uganda.  The full extent of the travel restrictions is unknown until later this week when they make the announcement.  What we do know is that people will be rerouted to 5 airports in the US for enhanced medical screening. 

Due to these unexpected events, we postponed our trip until January 2023.  We have already purchased mosquito nets, malaria tests/treatments, and other medicines, and they are being safely stored in our office.

While we are all disappointed by the delay, there are some positives!  More people, medical and non-medical, are interested in going, which will allow us to serve more communities.  We will update you as we get closer to the trip. 

Here are a few things to pray for:

  • the people and communities being affected by Ebola
  • the Ugandan government and medical professionals who are working hard to contain this outbreak
  • wisdom as we plan and prepare for our next trip
  • provision for Morning Star Foundation's expenses
  • provision for 8 heart surgeries

Thank you for your prayers and support that makes all of this possible!


Bill Lewis

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