Parvin and Jesse are home!

The great news continues!  After a one-month-long stressful journey, Parvin, Jesse, and their mothers have arrived home full of life and hope.

Parvin and Jesse Home

Parvin, Jesse, and their mothers traveled from Uganda to India for life-saving surgery.  After arriving in India, they were admitted to the hospital, where they underwent checkups and further testing.  The doctors determined that they were both ready for surgery, which was scheduled a few days later.

The surgeries went well, with no complications or unexpected events.  Parvin and Jesse were then transferred to the ICU, then the general ward.  After making unbelievable progress, they were discharged from the hospital.  They breezed through their final checkup before making the long journey home.

We are so grateful to everyone who cared, prayed, and loved this family during their journey.  Your support has given them a new lease on life, and their families are forever grateful.

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