October Update!

October was a busy month for us!  We worked hard to put together a great team that was planning on serving the heart communities in an even deeper way than we normally do.  You answered a big need! With your contributions, we purchased 500 mosquito nets, malaria test/treatment kits, dewormer treatments, multivitamins, and more!


Unfortunately, three days before we were to leave for Uganda, the US announced that they would be imposing travel restrictions and enhanced screening for people traveling from Uganda to the US due to an Ebola outbreak.  We made the difficult decision to postpone our trip after consulting multiple people.  We are now making plans for the early part of 2023.


After being rejected by three hospitals, Yvonne traveled from Uganda to India with her mother for a highly complex open-heart surgery.  The surgery was successful, and she spent 12 days in the ICU and one day in the general ward before being discharged from the hospital.  Thank you for praying for her and the amazing medical team for giving her life!  Yvonne and her mother are now home in Uganda.  To God be the glory!  

Yvonne discharged

Simon's Wedding!

We would also like to congratulate our Uganda Director, Simon, on his wedding!  Simon and his wife, Mary, were set to be married a few years ago, but the shutdowns and restrictions delayed their wedding a couple of years.  Finally, on Oct 30, 2022, they were finally able to have their wedding!

Please join us in praying for them as they begin this new journey!

Simon and Mary


Here are a few things to be praying for:

  • Uganda as they work to control the Ebola outbreak
  • Full provision for the next group of kids we are working on sending to India for heart surgery
  • Wisdom as we explore opportunities to help meet basic needs in the communities of our heart babies

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!


Bill Lewis

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