June 2023 Update - Part 1


It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies!  As we reflect on the recent events and blessings, we are filled with gratitude for your unwavering support and prayers.  Here are some highlights since our last update!

We want to celebrate a significant milestone in our family and in the lives of many of you as well.  Our two oldest daughters have graduated from high school and are now beginning their college journey.  It’s incredible to think that they were just babies when Morning Star Foundation first began.  We send our congratulations to all of the families whose children have also graduated, and we pray for them as they step into this new chapter of life.  We pray that they experience God’s guidance and goodness through the uncertainties of life.



Jeremy, who was facing a challenging recovery, has made remarkable progress.  We asked for your prayers, and God moved!  Jeremy is now back home in Uganda, and we are thrilled to share that his recent follow-up at Uganda Heart Institute showed that his heart is doing great!  His family is so grateful for the prayers offered on their son’s behalf.

Jeremy Home

Parvin and Jesse

Additionally, we have recently sent two more children, Parvin and Jesse, from Uganda to India for open-heart surgeries.  They have arrived safely and are currently undergoing further testing before their procedures.  However, we have encountered an unexpected situation with Fahad, whom I introduced previously.  Unfortunately, his mother did not show up for a planned meeting, and her phone has been switched off since then.  It is a reminder that open-heart surgery can be daunting for parents, and sometimes they back out at the last moment.  We aren’t sure if this is the case, but please join us in praying for them.  We hope that we can reconnect with her in the future.

Our nurse, Samalie (Left), travels with the patients and stays with them in India for one week. Parvin (Center) and Jesse (Right) before they entered the airport.
Our nurse, Samalie (Left), travels with the patients and stays with them in India for one week. Parvin (Center) and Jesse (Right) before they entered the airport.


Back in 2014, we had a generous one-time donor that made a $15,000 donation for a heart surgery in China.  However, we recently learned that the donor was involved in fraudulent activities when the donation was made.  Their company has been held liable for a judgment in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and they are now reclaiming funds to settle the debt, including clawing back donations made during that time.  Thankfully, our attorney supported us pro-bono, and after negotiations, the settlement was reduced to $6,000.  While it was difficult, given our already tight budget, we prayed, and God provided.  Miraculously, we not only managed to cover the settlement amount but also paid all our bills and sent two more children for heart surgery.  We are reminded once again of the incredible power of prayer.  I have our 2023 budget on my desk, and I pray daily for God’s provision for all known and unknown expenses.  It is humbling to watch him provide each month, year after year.

Looking ahead, we have exciting news to share!  In September, we will be hosting another reunion in Uganda for children who have undergone heart surgery.  Our last reunion took place before the onset of the pandemic, so we are so excited!  The event will feature bounce houses, face painting, and a feast for all.  Please join us in praying for full provision and, most importantly, that these children and their families will be encouraged by what God has done in their lives! 

Prayer Requests

Here are a few specific prayer requests:

  • Pray for Parvin, Jesse, and their families as they prepare for their upcoming open-heart surgeries.
  • Pray for provision to meet our ongoing expenses, as well as the financial needs for the upcoming reunion.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance as we continue to navigate and serve children and their families.

Thank you for your prayers and support that makes all of this possible!

In Christ,

Bill Lewis

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