Jacinta Surgery Sponsorship


Jacinta is a one-year-old little girl born with Down syndrome and a heart condition – a large VSD and a PDA.  Her parents noticed she was struggling to breathe, and after seeking medical help, Jacinta was referred to Uganda Heart Institute, where her heart conditions were discovered.

Jacinta’s father is a teacher, and her mother takes care of Jacinta and her five siblings.  Money is tight, and they have no way to pay for the $12,000 heart surgery that Jacinta urgently needs.  This has been a challenging experience for the family, but they have found comfort in the fact that God has connected them to Morning Star Foundation.

Jacinta is a beautiful, happy little girl who deserves the chance to live a healthy and fulfilling life.  With your support, we can help Jacinta undergo the life-saving surgery that she needs.  Your donation will not only help Jacinta, but it will also give hope to her family.

Please consider donating to Jacinta’s heart surgery today.  Every little bit helps, and together we can make a difference in her life.  Let’s come together and pray, share this page with your community, donate, and help Jacinta get the medical care that she needs.