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Gratitude in Difficult Times

Hey friends! It’s no secret these last few months have been difficult in one way or another for just about every human on this planet. No matter the severity of your struggle, we want you to know that we care for you and we are thinking of you. In the face of all of this, we want to share with you something that has been giving us hope and getting us through this pandemic. We’ve noticed that even the small things can mean a lot in a time like this, so here’s hoping these little sparks of encouragement help you get through too.

One of the biggest hope-givers for us has been gratitude. When we reflect on all we are grateful for, we get out of our mindset of scarcity, and can instead shift our perspective to be amazed by all that we have already been given. Does it cure the fear and hardships? Absolutely not. But it definitely lightens the load of them, even if it is just for a few seconds. 

One beautiful display of gratitude that recently inspired us comes from a mother whose child we helped receive heart surgery last year. She wrote us a touching letter of their story below.*

“I, the mother of Miracle and our entire family say thank you to Morning Star and all the donors who made it possible for me and Miracle to travel to India for surgery.

After Miracle was born, I realized my girl was not breathing well and even her growth curve was not good. The breathing was not okay, then I decided to go to a nearby hospital here in the village and the doctor confirmed that Miracle’s breathing was not okay and he advised me to go to Mulago Hospital. I had never been to Mulago Hospital all my life. While at Mulago Hospital, I was told to take my baby to Ugandan Heart Institute (UHI). It was there at UHI that it was confirmed that Miracle had a heart problem and needed surgery. That is when my worst nightmare started. I felt like I was about to go crazy. 

One day I was just meditating on life. I just told myself it is true, all the bad things seem to be happening to me but all I have to do is only to have faith in God and no one else. After making that decision, I started to have hope again. That is when I met the team at Morning Star Foundation and within two weeks I was ready to go to India with my baby. While in India, fear started to return and I wondered if I had made the right decision to bring my child here for surgery. That is when I came across some verses in the Bible that kept me going. The story was in 2 Kings 5 about the story of Naaman who was healed of a dreaded skin disease. I told myself that Miracle is now Naaman and we have to go back to Uganda when she is healed and I will show her to everyone how God healed her like he healed Naaman.

Miracle is now very well. She has put on a lot of weight, she now eats well and drinks well thanks to the treatment she got in India. Her breathing is now normal too. I feel so much peace in my heart now. I can now leave her at home with her grandmother while I go work to provide for my family. I feel comfortable knowing she is safe and healthy at home.

I am very grateful for all the support that we got from Morning Star Foundation and all the donors. Words cannot explain the joy that I feel. I know that God will bless you all and bless all your families too”.

Miracle is still healthy and doing well. So far, her family is healthy and safe from the pandemic as well. Her story would look very different if it were not for our supporters believing in healing and hope for her with us. So from the bottom of our hearts- thank you.

*this letter has been edited for clarity