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Do you want to help feed the hungry Morning Star Foundation Heart families in Uganda?

Morning Star Foundation has helped children born with severe heart disease but now some of those families need food and are struggling with poverty. We started the Empowerment Project in 2020, and we know how important it is to provide a sustainable solution for these families. We can't do it alone though! That's why we need your help!

You can donate money directly to our foundation so that we can continue helping these families that cannot feed themselves. Our goal is not only to give them food but also empower them by equipping them with the tools they need so they don't have to rely on us forever! Your donation will go towards providing them with the pigs, chickens, sewing machines, etc. This way they will be able to sustain their own lives once the project has ended. It’s truly a win-win situation because everyone gets fed and empowered at the same time!

Donate today through the form below and make a difference today!