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Meet Ahmed

Meet Ahmed. Ahmed is two years old and he was born in Jordan, where his parents came as refugees from Syria. His parents had to flee their home and everything familiar to them due to war. Ahmed’s parents did not know that he had something wrong with his heart until he began presenting some frightening symptoms. His fingers and toes started turning blue from a lack of blood flow, and he began to have trouble eating.

Because they didn’t have access to medical care, Ahmed’s parents were afraid their little boy was going to die from this condition. Because of their refugee status, Ahmed’s parents are not legally allowed to work or travel out of the country to gain access to resources to meet Ahmed’s needs.

Thankfully, our nonprofit partner in Jordan, Global Hope Network International, was able to connect us to Ahmed to get some testing done. Preliminary testing showed that not only did Ahmed have a hole in his heart, but all of the organs in his little body were on the wrong side. Ahmed’s medical condition is very rare, and very complicated to operate on successfully.

Ahmed’s parents, his medical team, and Morning Star Foundation knew that choosing to move forward with surgery for Ahmed would be very risky, but agreed that hope for Ahmed was worth the risk. In April 2019, Ahmed was the first child that Morning Star Foundation was able to provide heart surgery to in Jordan. 

Ahmed is now healed from his surgery and thriving. His parents expressed that before they connected with Morning Star Foundation, they had lost all hope for their son, but now they see hope for his future.